I laughed until I tried, then they died and died and died. On BC2 was a steady 170-180 skill level. Now I’m a steady 190-198. I’ll never play without my Edge™ so watch out.

Robert, 46, MA

Game used for testing: Call of duty, Black Ops for the PS3


• Provides a constant awareness of where you are aiming
• Does not obstruct your vision
• Constantly visible whether in a dark or light environment on screen
• Easy to use and clean and leaves nothing on the screen when it’s removed
• Immediate results evident in my kill/death spread as well as my accuracy percentage
• Allowed me to use alternate upgrades for weapons instead of having to use a red dot, reflex, or ACOG sight for aiming versus the iron sights


When it was first handed to me I was a bit skeptical that it would help my game at all but thankfully I was very wrong. It stuck right to my TV screen and didn’t move an inch until I pulled it back off when I was done and it didn’t leave a trace behind, not so much as an outline of where it was. The reticule was extremely useful in that it gave me a constant focal point whether I was running, diving through a window or engaged in a heated fire fight. It was amazingly helpful when using a gun with iron sights because I was able to use alternative upgrades for the weapons and not be forced to use the “Warlord Perk” just to maintain accuracy. I loved how useful it was no matter how bright it was on screen, whether I was fighting in the bowels of a submarine or in a frozen tundra I never lost the reticule in the scenery so I was always right on target. The Edge works like a charm, I used to sit in the middle positions on the score charts most of the time but now I consistently occupy the top spots.

Curtis, 23, MA

This sight is great. I can shoot from the hip without taking time to push the aim button! & hit what I’m shooting at. I’ve been getting the drop on enemies and getting off the first shot. Works great w/snipers too. My skill level has improved as well as my score per game & my kill / death ratio. It’s even easier to track helicopters w/an AA gun. The sight doesn’t disappear in the clouds like the ‘in game sight’ does! Good Job Guys I Love It!

Bryan, 37, Florida

When I used the product, I saw a significant increase in the number of kills I got. I beat my previous game high kill streak by 10 kills!

Morgan, 15, Connecticut

The Edge increased my kills drastically, and made my game playing experience more exciting.

James, 25, MA

Using The Edge it has increased my ability and accuracy in my game play. The Edge gives you the confidence and the stats to prove it. Since using The Edge my scores have never been higher. I wouldn’t want to be without it!

Brian, 26, London, Ont, Canada

Seen The Edge, used The Edge, now can’t play without The Edge. Increased my score to the top of the game stats and never been happier to play BFBC2 / Vietnam.

Carey, 25, London, Ont, Canada

This product was very helpful and helped improve my overall game. It gave me an advantage over other players and I even noticed an improvement in my kill / death ratio.

Corey, 18, MA

It improved my K/D spread and made hip firing easier in Black Ops.

Louis, 21, MA