For all first person shooter video games

THE EDGE is an exclusive crosshairs decal designed for first-person shooter games to improve your aim and accuracy. Using state of the art techniques the crosshairs decals are made of optically transparent static cling material. It’s non-adhesive and non-abrasive so it will not damage your screen. These static cling decals can be used individually or combined to give you the custom size for any game on any screen you play!

HI VIZ target sites for all size video displays

The HI VIZ crosshairs decals utilize the ambient light in the room and the backlight from the game screen so that the crosshairs are always visible. That’s why you never lose your sights.

7 Interchangeable Reusable Decals

Our package includes 7 Interchangeable Reusable Crosshairs Decals that you can customize! The combinations are endless!

Our testing has determined that you will gain an advantage over your opponent.

Read the reviews and watch THE EDGE in action and see what THE EDGE can do for you!

THE EDGE works with all game platforms and mobile devices including:

Just a few of the games tested:

Get the edge over your competition using our crosshairs decals on all FPS and TPS video games.

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